Monday, March 21, 2011

Mujib Live: Video Footages

Here is a collection of eleven video footages of Mujib. I have organized them in chronological order. Listener can get a snapshot of Mujib’s philosophy and transformations. To my opinion most important are two- the Epic Speech of Race Course 7th March, 1971 and the Last Public Speech of 1975, each a clarion call to a distinct new journey.  The first one is well read and heard. However, the second one is less read and less heard. Of course, he did not finish the later.

Video Quiz:
  • Name the world leader Mujib revered most: Mandela, Mao, Nixon?
  • Why Mujib thought absolute power would not corrupt him?
  • Mujib's weeping moments.
  • "I want to deal them a crushing blow- just like  I did to Pakistan"- to whom?
March Unrest, 1971

“Nobody should play with fire. Nobody should try to suppress the will of 70 million people.  When 70 million are determined to achieve something- no power on earth can suppress them. Today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow- victory is ours.”

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wars and Famines of Bangladesh

A Dead in the Famine of 1943. See more images here.
(Real Time Bangladesh, March 2011)
The earthquake in Japan has once again brought attention to natural disasters. In recent time we heard much about earthquake, tsunami, flood, cyclone etc. However, the most devastating of the disasters to hit Bangladesh are none of the above but famine.  The word ‘independence’ in the region has a strange connection with famines. Here are glimpses from our history.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grameen Circus

Ms. Sufia Begum- who inspired the Grameen concept spinning her heirloom wheel

(A Real Time Bangladesh Blog Report, March 2011)
The recent dramatized ouster of Dr. Yunus from Grameen Bank- has stirred quite a bit of media storm about the Nobel Lauriat founder and the Bank. Many articles- naturally mix personal issues concerning the founder with the issues of microcredit. A key question is- Does microcredit help the poor of Bangladesh? Indeed, there are also assertions that it hurts!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Does Microcredit Reduce Poverty?

(A Real Time Bangladesh Blog Report, March 2011)

This blog summarize the finding of a seminal paper ‘Khandker Study’- possibly the most cited paper on the topic- titled Fighting Poverty With Microcredit : Experience in Bangladesh by Khandker and Shahidur Rahman, Publisher : World Bank, ISBN no : 019521121. This is a 100+ page paper. Here I will try to quote the highlights. The study indeed claims it works!