Thursday, September 17, 2009

Abducted NSU Student in FBI Custody: Father Appeals PM to Intervene

Father says DGFI picked up a North South University student from Tejgaon Arong Store at Dhaka and was flown by CIA to FBI back in 2006.  Father urges PM Hasina's help in his release. The father does his news conf. at the alter of Dhaka University's 'Oprajeyo Bangla'- as if this symbolism bears some meaning.

If you have not followed it before.. its a complex story. The boy born in US returned to Bangladesh for education and then left Bangladesh for US perhaps in the pursuit of happiness. But then at some point returned to BD and planned to settle and get married back in native country. Why? Who knows. But, by this time US did not want to part him. Uncle Sam sent a plane to pick him up. Now wont let him go..

Family explains the tribulation in YouTube. Dont forget to see many other YouTube appeals for "freeing Shifa". As if YouTube have some mythical power to deliver justice for those who do not have other recourse?

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