Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tipaimukhi Dam: Goodbye Surma, Kushiara as You Know It!

FM Dipumoni's "Congenial" Talk with India | Shipping Minister: Bangladesh "will not be Harmed" | Water Resources Minister: "We Know Nothing About It!" | Bangladeshi Experts: "Ecological Disaster" | Indian Expert: "A Geo Tectonic Blunder"

If you are agonizing over the dam- then behold- read about World's Largest Dam to Come on Brahmaputra which has been planned by China.

More to Come: 100 more Dams Under Construction in Himalayas
Indian Scientist on Hunger Strike to Stop Himalayan Dams

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  1. Ministers should not play game with this serious issue. This may impact entire Sylhet area. The proper impact of Tipaimukh need to be assessed- not just blind opposition. The purpose of the Dam as per India is power generation. Should not Bangladesh demand 25-40% of the generated power?