Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nirjhar's New Film Namuna Held at Censor Board

Its story about the battle between two power obsessed ladies. The satire is right on mark expressing something that millions have in heart- but none of the two ladies would like. It goes like this:
 "SHANTIBAGH signifies PEACEFUL GRADEN, a very common neighborhood in this part of the world. MATRIBHUMI (Motherland) represents a MODEL SCHOOL. It's a local school for the children, who we call OUR FUTURE,..."NOMUNA" an example. It's a story of an ego-battle between two reckless arrogant women.
JULEKHA BEGUM whose late husband donated the land, and NUR JAHAN KHANUOM whose late father donated a good sum of money for the construction of the school building ......... MATRIBHUMI. The one and only intention of both the ladies are to take absolute control of the school's governing body. They continue fighting the battle and left no stone unturned. Both these women have ruthless, violent supporters working for them. During a deadly crossfire of these two anti groups, RINKU an innocent 8-year boy was shot dead at his residence's balcony..."
It is now held at censor board! I guess the members are afraid if our powerful ladies with like it. Here is an interesting read- read the Bangladesh Citizen's Charter document stating the principle's of film censorship in Bangladesh.

Film Censor Board Does Not Approve Two Women Wrestling for Power in Bangladesh

So what might be reason for holding “Namuna” back? We do not know what’s exactly transpiring inside the minds of members of Bangladesh Film Censor Board (BFCB) which has esteemed personalities like Kobori Sarwar and Kamal Lohani, but here is my psychotic attempt to imagine:

Perhaps, It is the sheer vulgarity of the story. I won’t be surprised if the depiction of political pornography involving bare knuckle clash between two women did cross all the limits of decency. The naked wrestling between two mature women to overpower each other, impotent subjects tied in bondage in between, live human used as toys for gratification, women domination these are all too titillating, too spicy for large screen release. It is one thing to watch Namuna in the confine of one’s own bedroom- but it is totally abhorrent to watch it on large national screen. The story of Nomuna clearly violates all rules under the ‘Auslilota’ sections of the BFCB policy. However, I must mention one observation in favor of the director. Despite all the juice he has placed in it- after all it might not be arousing to the limpid viewers who do not respond anymore to anything in Bangladesh.

That’s not all. When I further looked up the BFCB policy document, I could see more reasons. The “Oporadh” (crime) Section, Clause 2 & 3, page-19 states it clear as daylight: “The film must not show a case where crime is going blatantly unpunished or ignored”. Who will deny? Indeed, the real story of this film goes further where the perpetrators are rewarded big time the more the movie progresses. In fact the holdup by the Board does signify the categorical disapproval of the kind of events depicted in the film by the brave Board. This must be the heroic of all the boards you have known!

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