Sunday, September 27, 2009

Suicide Sqad Training Camps by Islamic Militants Discovered in the Jungles of Bangladesh

Suicide Squad Training Camps Run by Islamic Militants Discovered in Bangladesh Jungle

    The captured senior militant commander Mr. Saifullah- being very true to his name- is disclosing stunning information about the extent of JMB operations in Bangladesh.

    Just not that one tin shed bungalow published in yesterday's Dhaka news papers- that there are now 14 training campuses in various remote jungles.  Indeed where there is a popular jungle retreat- Coxes’ Bazar to Sylhet they are also lurking close-by inside the jungle.

    It looks like it’s almost a university like situation. More than 500 militant officers are receiving training in various areas ranging from explosive making, suicide bombing and even in information technology! Who says women education is at peril under the Islamist. It also has squad of female suicide bombers.

    The Arabic name Saifullah means “Sword of God”.  But, the group is using much more than human sword. The groups R&D department has devised various smart bombs such as flask bomb, pen bomb, book bomb, etc. For example, a book bomb can be carried in a simple bag while the pen bomb can be carried in shirt pockets. These devices can be detonated by remote operation.

    The explosives required to make these smart devices are coming from local and Indian free markets. According to unnamed sources- Mr. Sword has further indicated that the funding is coming from sources in UK, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Perhaps, each of these countries should be rebuked to aid in terrorism in Bangladesh.

    The spin around the news has also begun. RAB and the authorities are claiming that this capture and bust indicate how successful they are in countering militants. They are near elimination. So did the last two administrations. Looking at the bigger picture it is however, not clear who is actually winning. Apparently, this capture also indicates that the militants are planning for the long haul- much longer than the terms of our administrations.

    The foreign policies of US and West are fueling JMB recruitment. But also, thanks to the added wisdom of our own government. The opening up of the worm of amendment of the 5th amendment of country's constitution- can only help further fuel the problem.

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