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Mujib Live: Video Footages

Here is a collection of eleven video footages of Mujib. I have organized them in chronological order. Listener can get a snapshot of Mujib’s philosophy and transformations. To my opinion most important are two- the Epic Speech of Race Course 7th March, 1971 and the Last Public Speech of 1975, each a clarion call to a distinct new journey.  The first one is well read and heard. However, the second one is less read and less heard. Of course, he did not finish the later.

Video Quiz:
  • Name the world leader Mujib revered most: Mandela, Mao, Nixon?
  • Why Mujib thought absolute power would not corrupt him?
  • Mujib's weeping moments.
  • "I want to deal them a crushing blow- just like  I did to Pakistan"- to whom?
March Unrest, 1971

“Nobody should play with fire. Nobody should try to suppress the will of 70 million people.  When 70 million are determined to achieve something- no power on earth can suppress them. Today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow- victory is ours.”

The Epic Speech at Racecourse, 7th March, 1971

Flying out from Pakistan Jail, The Press Conference in London Claridges Hotel, January 8, 1972

“The citizens of Great Britain, you also have responsibilities for Bangladesh because we [Bengal] have contributed to your resources.”

Shaikh Mujib Returns to Dhaka, 1972

NBC Report

“An important phase of Bangladesh story came to an end today. The American Naval Taskforce in the Bay of Bengal steamed out of the bay today. And Shaikh Mujibur Rahman- who may be known as the George Washington of Bangladesh returned to Dhaka in one of the most emotional outburst in that emotional part of the world.”  Footage from India and Dhaka.

ABC Report

“A million people gathered. If Shaikh Mujib has a problem of his followers- it is that they expect too much of him- perhaps unattainable even for Shaikh Mujibur Rahman”- Ron Miller reporting from Dhaka.

Interview with David Frost

Part 1:

David Frost asks. “You now have great power..  You know absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely-. How will you stop power corrupting you? Listen what Mujib answered:

Part 2:

“They raped my sisters, raped my mother. Many times I wept.. The world organized Nuremberg trial.. I think the world should arrange an inquiry... I am a very generous man, but this is impossible to forgive and forget.”

Interview with John Pilger, on the 1974 Bengal Famine

“We have our open free kitchen and people are welcome to go there.” Read the stories of independence stuggles and famine connections of Bengal.


The Speech at passing out of first batch of Military Academy, January, 11, 1975

“Dear Graduating Officers, remember the sepohi’s.  Remember sashon kora tari saja soghag kore je… There will be many presidents of Bangladesh who will come and go… but there will be only one Father of The Nation.”

The Last Speech, 26th March, 1975 The Bakshaal Plan

The unfinished dream- “You work as a civil servant. Your salary comes from the poor farmers. I will tell you this is independent Bangladesh- not a colony of British or colony of Pakistan. Dear Educated Brothers! Who has taught us how to read and write and why, who has financed it?- what did you return? I want to hit this society hard. The blow I gave to Pakistanis”.

This final dream of Mujib is too revolutionary even for his succeeding torchbearers. Listen the whole speech to understand the final Mujib..

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