Monday, February 15, 2010

The inside story of Who is who's Bhaira Bhai in Bangladeshi Politics

Want to know how Shaikh Moni is connected to Prince Musa Bin Shamser? How and when the arch rivals Sheikh Selim of AL and Iqbal Hasan Tuku of BNP became Behai's?

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Who's ukil bap is Gen. Hossain Muhhamad Ershad? How might be Sheikh Hasina related to Dr. Fakhruddin  and what late former Janata Bank MD Mr. Salehin  has to do with it? What exactly is the relationship between our PM and current President?

In this amusing Probe News article get an update on who is married to whom in Bangladesh in bed and politics. The article untangles the tangled web of family and personal connections between the politicians and businessmen and various influence peddlers in Bangladesh.

If you know more about these relationships feel free to add few more using the comment section.

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