Sunday, February 14, 2010

News From Around A few Inventions by Muslim World
AS thousand's flocked to this January's blockbuster exhibition in UK, take a look at inventions we take it for granted..  from your morning coffee, the concept of multi-course meal with soup, fish or meat followed by fruits and desserts, your camera, fountain pen, almost all surgical instruments, windmill, gardens.. ..Or you can read more about the contribution of world civilizations in science and technology at

Amused, angry, or anguished by the blatant euro-centrism in the pervasive media and society? Islam-centrism is however, not the answer. Any 'civilization' is a collective story. Even Lau Dobbians are cleaning up after potty the way Chinese have taught them. Read Alams blog on the nature of ethno-centrism (a.k.a ignorance) in todays education system:
"Unbeknownst, my students discover that they wake up in "pajamas", trousers of Indian origin with an Urdu-Persian name. Out of bed, they shower with soap and shampoo, whose origins go back to the Middle East and India. Their toothbrush with bristles was invented in China in the fifteenth century. At some point after waking up, my students use toilet paper and tissue, also Chinese inventions of great antiquity."
Indeed not only the poor Western kids and the Western audience of mainstream media are part of this brainwash- even the kids and public of the 'colored civilizations' suffer from this disease since we too are copying the same text book and news texts without thinking. We must check the education and perception that we are dispensing. Check, check and check..

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